The Invisible Man and the Invisible Gal unwind together.

Halloween now has two sides – spooky and sexy.  There is no denying it. You can’t walk into a drug store in October without seeing a naughty nurse or sexy vampire costume next to adorable pirate and princess outfits.  We’ve all seen the animal costumes which suddenly become completely risqué once Halloween is near. Skimpy costumes resembling devils, French maids, and “bunnies” are cavorting at grown up parties immediately after walking the neighborhood with the innocent little pumpkins and scary witches.

In West Hollywood, we have the gay community Halloween parade where everything goes.  From hilarious and wild to sexy to shocking!  It’s worth seeing if you have never seen it.  A huge section of the city and the streets are blocked off and then filled with every costume imaginable.

Will you have fun in the streets this year? And in the bedroom? We all know that sexy costumes, full moons and candy-highs lead to romance. How will you turn your Halloween from innocent to sexy?  Well we’ve made some fun, slightly risque ecards to pump up your Halloween romance. Take advantage of the creative abandon at this time of year by sending naughty adult Halloween ecards. Remember whether you are wearing a sexy zombie costume or nothing at all, Halloween is also a holiday to share some romance. Every holiday is a good time for love.


Mr. Jack O’Lantern!

Halloween is my favorite holiday hands down – in the candy bowl that is!  That’s right, I LOVE costumes and I LOVE candy. My favorite Halloween treat is Reese Peanut Butter cups. I can’t hand them out for Halloween because it’s three for me and one for them.  I have learned over the years the safest route to not gaining to many Halloween lbs is to buy candy you don’t’ like.  Lollipops and Tootsie Rolls seem popular and safe enough to have 5 pounds of it in our house. Once my waistline is safe, it’s time to get three boys in costumes.  There are so many cute costumes out there this year!  We of course have already had to exchange Cooper’s costume because he has changed his mind.  After being batman for two years he has decided this year to be Stevie from Minecraft. Yes I am embarrassed to admit the hours my kids spend on Minecraft and to my husband’s horror they watch tutorials on how to play Minecraft. And now, they are both Minecraft characters for Halloween.  The challenge is we have to make the costumes.  I am not a DIY mom.  I am a FMDIYSU (Fix My Do It Yourself Screw-Up) mom much to my husband’s chagrin.  So he is going to be making these costumes and if you have any input, please let me know.  Here are pictures of Stevie and Creeper from Minecraft .

The costumes are not the only things my kids also love the Doozycards.  They love to laugh at the Halloween ecards.  Check out Doozycards Halloween ecards for kids. My teenager and his cousins wrote the Halloween Aliens ecard.


The little witch mice are tickling a rib. He’s a very humerus skeleton, ha ha!

My first grader, Cooper, got into the car yesterday and said, “How do you make a skeleton laugh? Tickle his humerus bone,” he said while cracking up.  He was very pleased with his joke so we gave him some more to tell his friends. Here they are:

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?  Nobody.

Why was the Mummy tense?  He was all wound up.

What kind of streets do ghosts haunt?  Dead ends.

Who did the ghost invite to his party?  Oh, anyone he could dig up.

Why does Dracula say he’s a good artist?  Because he likes to draw blood.

What’s a Vampire’s favorite candy?  An all-day sucker.

I am here to tell you, all kids love Halloween humor.  If you are feeling like a kid again and want to tickle some humerus bones, you can send some of our funny Halloween ecards to your friends and family.  Check out our funny Halloween ecards.


We just finished our bevy of new Halloween ecards in time for you laugh and entertain your friends. Our new Zombie ecards actually features the theme song from “The Munsters”!!! We were very lucky to be able to use this music through our good friends at Inner Splendor Media who recorded this rocking version of the Munsters theme on their new Halloween album, “Halloween Music“.

What does Halloween conjure up for you?  A sinister mood?  Do you like the dark and macabre costumes?  If so, you’ll love our scary ecard. It has cool Halloween music and spooky images.

Does Halloween make you a tricky prankster?  Do you like candy bowls where hands pop up and cocktails with eyeballs in them? You might like this funny Halloween ecard  where Frankenstein and Dracula play a joke on their friend, the Mummy.

Or does Halloween bring out all your silliness?  Your costume is usually the most absurd item or person you can think of.  You’re the whoopie cushion or, this year, you want to be Honey Boo Boo?  Then, you’d probably like to send your romantic interest this romantic Halloween joke ecard.  If you’re like my two little boys, you like to pay homage to what you love.  Oliver and Cooper are both going as Minecraft characters – Creeper and Stevie.  Last year I went as Marge from the Simpsons.  It was fun because kids recognized Marge and babies loved my foot and half of blue hair.

Whatever Halloween brings out in you, share your own unique Halloween spirit with friends and family with a large variety of our Halloween ecards from silly to sinister.

Cheap and Easy Halloweens of Yore

Last Halloween, as I stood at my door giving out Reese’s peanut butter cups (Reese’s were the ultimate Halloween candy in my heyday, unlike candy corn…blech), I noticed that the costumes the children donned all seemed fairly elaborate. The princess was fully decked out from head to toe, as was the little race-car driver.

When I was a kid, it was all about the candy. The costume was just a necessary step to feed our sweet tooth. So while it was fun dressing up, it was scaled down by today’s standards.

For several years, I was a cheerleader. Why? Because I actually was a cheerleader. The costume was readily available and cute and still allowed me to knock on people’s door and demand my treat.

Ghosts, of course, were the easiest of all. Throwing on an old sheet and cutting a few holes in it screamed of simplicity. A matching pillowcase could be used to collect the goodies. In short, your entire costume was on your bed…how easy was that?

And then there were bums, which you don’t see much of these days because of its political incorrectness, I guess. But bums were all the rage back in the day. Messy, beat-up clothes, an old hat and a burnt cork were used to create that “I haven’t shaved in weeks” stubble.

Interestingly, as I got older, costuming became too much of an art form. I lived in San Francisco for many years and Halloween would fill me with a sense of dread…. how could you possibly compete with the elaborate costumes that people planned for months in advance? It felt less like Halloween and more like the Academy Awards.

This Halloween, I’ll probably be a witch…again. (Another easy-as-pie costume). And it fits my personality better with each passing year. [Insert cackle here.]

What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes over the years? What about the easiest Halloween costumes? The cheapest? The strangest?

This Halloween, send a loved one of our many Halloween ecards. And boo to you all!