Cast your Vote for Favorite Dish!

Here’s a question for all of our loyal Doozy blog readers. What is a traditional Thanksgiving dinner plate across the miles? No matter if you live in L.A., Tennessee, Maine, or Chicago, what dish is served uniformly? We here at the Doozy office decided creamed onions was something served in all of our various homes. Please post your votes! Or send a Thanksgiving ecard telling someone your favorite dish.

Something funny about living in L.A., even though we’re originally from the South, is how our traditional dishes come here and get turned upside-down. Take red velvet cake, for example; started in the South when it arrived here, they made all kinds of variations like red velvet carrot cake. Be on the look-out for other mutant variations. We foresee coconut pumpkin pie, creamed onions and kale, and cranberry agave sauce on the rise!

No matter what dish your family enjoys, we have a wide selection of Thanksgiving ecards for premier and free trial members.

Check-out our Talking Turkey Thanksgiving ecard. talking-turkeyType what you want Mr. Turkey to say, and he’ll verbalize it to your ecard recipient from his Thanksgiving table stage!

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