Can Dads Mop Floors?

The Rolling Biker Dogs, one of the cards we make for Dads’ Birthdays.

Do dads ever tend to children or clean the house? According to television and other media, they rarely do.

Just once I’d like to hear a father tell the camera that he’s concerned about Billy’s nagging cough. Or hear dad explain why Swiffers make housecleaning that much easier. But men are always relegated to the couch, watching football, making Homer Simpson style remarks. And moms are dutifully in the kitchen preparing that healthy dinner in just 15 minutes!

In real life, I know several dads who have moved well beyond couches and football. My friend Chris, for example, is raising his 10 year-old daughter single handed and can cook better than I can any day of the week. His house is always in order and when his daughter is sick, he knows exactly what to do.

Conversely one of my female friends coaches the boy’s soccer team and couldn’t make a bowl of oatmeal if her life depended on it. She encourages athletics first and foremost and would much prefer being outdoors and not tending to tile grout or whatever she’s “supposed” to do.

I wonder when the ad agencies will ever move beyond those simplified roles that we’re pigeonholed into. Since they haven’t changed that much since the 1950’s, it seems like high time.

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