Birthdays of Yore

Did you know that celebrating birthdays is fairly new? Way back when (as in “Middle Ages” when) they’d simply say, “So and so was born at the end of May or the beginning of June.” Not much for specificity, though you could probably celebrate your birthday for months!

The earliest known recorded birthday of a king was Henry II who was born on 5 March 1133. This makes him a Pisces, imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind. And with a great desire to take over France and eat mutton chops.

Happy Belated Birthday, King Henry!

Apparently, even when birthdays of kings and queens were recorded, they were kept secret, lest your astrology-friendly enemy know your weaknesses as well as your future.

Birthday parties originated as a form of spiritual protection. It was once thought that good and evil spirits appeared when a child was born and could influence that child for life. So celebrations were held to ward off the evil spirits and call in the good ones.

People also felt that change was not necessarily a good thing. And since a birthday marked a significant change, families and friends took whatever measures possible to banish the evil spirits by celebrating the spirits away. Apparently, presents given earlier in the day offered the greatest protection. A nice reason to give your gift in the a.m.!

England was the birthplace of birthday cards, over 100 years ago.

And today, we still continue the tradition of sending birthday cards, including animated birthday ecards. has a massive collection of funny birthday ecards, musical birthday ecards and a whole lot more enticing birthday ecards you can send first thing in the morning to protect your love one from any early morning evil spirits.


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