The Best New Years eCards

You’ve made your resolutions, put on your party hat, and now you’re waiting for the clock to strike midnight to ring in the new year. But did you remember to send your friends and family a special greeting for New Years? Don’t let another year pass you by without wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful year. To help you decide what to send, here are some of the best New Years eCards from Doozy Cards.

Best New Years eCards

Best New Years eCards

1. Dionne Warwick Festive New Year

What would a New Year’s celebration be without plenty of rollicking music? Ring in the New Year properly and dance the night away with this catchy musical eCard featuring Grammy-winning singer Dionne Warwick, who recorded this song exclusively for Doozy Cards. Party!

2.  New Year’s Tap Dance

Now that you’ve found a soundtrack to your New Year’s celebration, it’s time to show off some new dance moves on the floor. When Baby New Year shows up at the front door, he’s got some toe-tapping moves to usher in the new year and send Father Time packing for retirement. Your loved ones will definitely get a kick (and shuffle) out of this one!

3. Sister Patty’s New Year Message

If you’re looking for a more sweet and traditional New Year’s eCard, you won’t find it with Sister Patty. She may appear pious at first, but she’s got plenty of laughs in store over your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry, you always have next year to impress the Big Guy upstairs.

4. New Year’s Bees

You might think that bees don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve quite like the rest of us, but you’d bee wrong! It seems this particular bee has quite the buzz from the New Year’s celebration at the hive. And he has an important safety message for everyone this New Year’s.

Wishing you and all of your loved ones a very happy and healthy New Year from all of us at Doozy Cards!


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