Best Birthday Gifts for Any Person

When it comes to buying birthday presents, you’ve likely heard one phrase a million times: “It’s the thought that counts!” But when you want to buy a special gift for someone that is truly meaningful and memorable, you probably hope to hear more than this sad, conciliatory disclaimer. When they open your present, you want them to be thrilled and exclaim: “This is exactly what I wanted! Thanks for the best birthday gift ever!” or, at least something along those lines. So, whether you’re buying a birthday gift for your friend, significant other, coworker or family member, here are some tips for buying the best birthday gifts for any person.

Let’s Get Personal

One key to choosing a birthday present that someone will love is finding something that reminds them of a personal connection between the two of you. Think of a specific memory of a time you two spent together: perhaps a trip to a favorite city, a movie that you saw, or a phenomenal meal you shared. Maybe there’s an inside joke that you two have kept private over the years.

  • If you traveled somewhere together, you could find memorabilia from that destination, such as a painting, a book or if you’re feeling fancy: tickets for a return visit.
  • If they are a movie buff, you could get a copy of their favorite flick along with a gift card to the theater and fun movie snacks.
  • If you birthday recipient is a big foodie, perhaps a sought-after cookbook, cooking tools and ingredients they love, or reservations for their favorite restaurant.

Keep the Birthday Gift A Secret

Don’t come right out and ask them what they want because everyone loves a surprise. Try to keep them from finding out what you have planned as much as possible. The goal to finding the best birthday gifts for any person is choosing something that no one else would have thought to give because you two shared a special connection. And once you have chosen that amazing, unforgettable gift, don’t forget to send that special someone a heartfelt and hilarious birthday eCard!

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