Awesome Christmas Gift for Kids

Awesome Christmas Gift for Kids

Awesome Christmas Gift for Kids

The elves at Santa’s workshop have been working tirelessly to craft the coolest toys for Christmas this year. To give you a leg up on the competition we here at Doozy Cards called up our favorite elf informants to give you the inside scoop on the most awesome Christmas gifts for kids. Check out these crafty and creative gift ideas, aimed at inspiring kids to create their own imaginative world.

Musical Instruments

Kids of all ages love rocking out to their favorite songs and creating their own musical masterpieces. This year, give them something to truly show off their creative talents. You can stick with a classic toy xylophone, a cool cardboard guitar, or go big with a real guitar or drumkit. Just be sure that you supply yourself or the parents with plenty of earplugs to endure the jam sessions.

Building with Imagination

Kids love creating their own fantasy worlds using just their imagination. For an awesome Christmas Gift, give them the tools to build their visions with classic toys like tinkertoys, blocks or Legos, or give them something more advanced like LittleBits where they can easily create amazing electronic creations and musical instruments.

Get Crafty with Art

Arts and crafts supplies offer kids limitless fun-potential. Whether they’re you think they’d be inclined to paint, sculpt, sew or build, give them the supplies to create and they’ll be thrilled. If there’s a skill that you possess and can share with them, that’s even better, then you’ll have something fun to do together.

No matter their age, kids love toys that fuel their imagination. With tools and skills that can last a lifetime, give them gifts that inspire their creative side this Christmas. And don’t forget to send them one of Doozy’s hilarious Christmas eCards to go along with your clever, thoughtful and awesome Christmas gift!

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