One of the number one survival tools in my mothering tool kit is connecting with other moms for reassurance and laughter.  I say, “I just had a Mommie Dearest moment”, which is usually greeted with “I have those often”, or I say “I’m eating my umpteenth Oreo while the kids are destroying the living room” in which my friend responds, “double stuffed or regular?” It’s deeply satisfying to know I’m not alone in this deal. And there is even better news: on Mother’s Day regardless of what we’ve been through that year, my family is forced to recognize me for my greatness and to submit to my whims (no dishes, diapering, cleaning of ANY kind, and no and I do mean it – absolutely no pet rodeos).
And of course there is the gift giving.  This year my proud little boys gave me some personalized masterpieces: a giant card with my three year old’s picture glued inside a flower, a laminated place mat with my five-year-old’s picture glued inside the “O” of a giant “Mom”, and a peace treaty from my eleven year old to not beat up his brothers until after Mother’s Day. 
There is no preparation for motherhood.  I did play with Barbies until I was twelve. Has anyone ever met Barbie’s kids?  My Barbie lived like a hip hop star with her private Barbie jets, yachts and sports cars. Today, I have yet to see glamorous outfit changes and private jets (well I did help some friends unload a jet once).  However, I truly love the less flashy side of my life: the uncontrollable laughter when I launch tickle attacks and the endless hugs (ok, the eleven year old is currently running from my hugs but I’m working on it). It’s these things that make mothering worthwhile to me. The presents do help though.
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Top Ten Movies That Remind Me of Parenting Three Boys:
Planet of the Apes
Return from Planet of the Apes
Altered States
Lost in Space
Conan the Barbarian
The Clash of the Titans
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
The Blob
March of the Penguins

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