Celebrate Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day Bennett and I went into the yard, barefoot, with our carrot juices. We are both on a five day juice cleanse because we are celebrating Earth Day. Ok, OK, we are actually fat from storing winter holiday food for the past 4 months; so if no-one appears to be running the company it’s because we are facedown on our desks in a catatonic stupor or we are downstairs juicing. I’ve bet Bennett lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Tere’s, that he won’t make it five days. I of course have never even gone a day without eating so this is all new to me. While we are drinking only what the earth produces and lying in the grass, we agree that things are different now in the world. Simple pleasures are becoming fashionable and desirable. Lying on my back, looking up into the trees with the sun trickling through the branches reminds me I haven’t seen this view since I was a child. It brings an enormous smile to my face and what’s this? Could I be relaxing? The grass tickles my ears and I think of all that is good on our Earth: the grass, a child’s smile up close in your face, friends, and enchilladas verdes from Tere’s. Happy Earth Day. We hope you celebrate by treasuring friendships and reminding friends they are the salt of the earth by sending them an  Earth Day Ecard  or  Talking Flower or let Talking President Obama deliver your message.

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