Best Valentine’s eCards

Well, hello there Cupid, I recognize that familiar twinkle of love in your eyes. Love-struck, infatuated, head-over-heels, enamored: whatever you call those butterflies in your stomach, there’s no mistaking the feeling of finding someone special. And while you might feel compelled to shout your feelings from the mountaintops or take to skywriting, you could also treat the object of your affection to one of the best Valentine’s eCards from Doozy (and maybe your own interpretation of the Cupid Tap Dance!).

Best Valentine's eCards

Best Valentine’s eCards

While some people groan at the approach of February 14th , the rest of us are thrilled to have a day devoted to expressing our deepest feelings and care for the special people in our lives. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship that you celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Just think of all of your oldest and closest friends or wonderful family members who would surely love to hear how much you appreciate them. And who doesn’t love receiving chocolate? Just be sure to warm them of the hilarious Perils of Chocolate.

The history and origins of Valentine’s Day are shrouded in mystery, drawing upon ancient pagan and Christian traditions. But one thing is clear: people love sending Valentine’s Day greetings. It’s estimated that we send over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards each year! And while people have been sending romantic greetings for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1840’s when Esther Howland, also known as “Mother of the Valentine”, began mass-producing Valentine’s Day cards when the tradition really took off. And now it’s even easier to show your love and affection to the people in your life with heartfelt and funny Valentine’s Day eCards like the adorable Singing French Valentine.

So, what are you waiting for you hopeless romantic? Run out and grab that box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers and let that special someone know how you feel!

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