Happy Fourth of July

It’s time to eat white frosted cakes with blueberry and strawberry flags, hamburgers, hot dogs and buttery corn on the cob.  Have you seen our new Talking Corn on the Cobb card?  It’s a perfectly corny and cute way to say hello to friends. You guys are loving the Latasha July 4th card  and she thanks you.  America the Beautiful, our staff favorite, is also flying off the servers. After you send ecards to everyone spreading more holiday cheer than all the fireworks, we hope you indulge yourself with a lot of holiday fun.
My kids are already furiously making flags out of long straws and flag napkins. They love them but we did have a little excitement when all of the napkins blew away and Oliver, my four year old, was running after them screaming.  He loves to scream.  He’s been doing it since the day he was born.
I personally can’ t wait to leap around with sparklers in my hands doing my Mitzi Gaynor imitation. The kids love it and it does help burn off all the “yunk food” as my little Cooper calls it. We hope you have a blast with family and friends, enjoy the fireworks and then rest and relax all day Saturday and Sunday.  Happy Birthday America!

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