How do they do it? What’s their secret?

Every year, the Cooke-Chandler clan gathers for the annual Christmas family photo. Many of our freinds and family ask about the process of this photo. So, the following is a behind the scene look at the Organizational genus of the Cooke-Chandler Matriarch team leadership. In this scene, displaying calm in the center of the storm, Chandler, entering from the right and Brenda, my wife, seated center, discuss what needs to happen next. Allen Cooke, Chandler’s brother, standing top left, studies last year’s photo and discusses with Pat Chandler, Chandler’s husband, to his left, how it should really unfold. Me, Bob Cooke, Chandler’s dad, seated center, seem to be talking to an empty space in the chair. Please notice that no one seems to be paying attention to the Patriarch side of the Cooke-Chandler leadership. Humm, wonder why?

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