Breaking the Fast after Yom Kippur

After fasting for Yom Kippur in which no food or water is consumed for over 25 hours, most Jews heartily welcome the day after, where the fast is officially broken and deliciousness is consumed.

So what is generally eaten?

The answers range, according to culture:

  •  Iranian Jews often eat a mixture of shredded apples and rose water called faloodeh seeb.
  •  Polish and Russian Jews take to some tea and cake.
  •  Syrian and Iraqi Jews prefer round sesame crackers that look like mini-bagels.
  •  Turkish and Greek Jews partake in a sweet drink made from melon seeds.

In American Jewish households, I found delicious recipes to break your fast deliciously (see the link below). they include:

  •  Herring In Cream Sauce With Apples And Walnuts
  • Lox, Eggs, And Onions Quiche
  • Carrot Cake Kugel
  • Cheese Blintzes With Cherry Sauce
  • Chocolate Chip Rugelach

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The Puppy is fasting, and will not break it for even a bone. Good puppy!

Here is the site with all the delicious recipes:

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