New For My Daughter Valentines Day Ecard

I love helping the boys get all their Valentines Day cards together.   The little boys are so cute as they pick out their Valentines.  It’s a big decision between Sponge Bob and Spiderman.   It’s always a good opportunity to help them think of others.  As they address each one they can get a sense of how simple thinking of someone else can be.  They are of course, so excited too when I pick them up they have their brown paper bag packed with candy and valentines.

Since Valentines Day is three weeks away and we are busy making lots of new e-cards.  Our first new e-card is a beautiful Valentines Day gift constructed out of Chinese lanterns by many adorable animals.  It is on the site and titled For My Daughter Valentine e-card.  We made a version, which can also be sent to anyone called, A Heart for You Valentine greeting.  In the next week we will have several more new cards up.  Please let us know what you would like to see on


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