The Funniest Christmas eCards For A Jolly Holiday

Christmas is a joyous time to celebrate and laugh with all of our loved ones and what better way to have them saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!” than by sending them some hilarious eCards. From silly and goofy greetings for everyone who has been nice, to flirty and saucy eCards for those who have been naughty; at Doozy Cards we’ve got plenty of treats for everyone’s stocking.

Delight your family and friends by giving the gift of laughter this holiday season with some of our favorite and funniest Christmas eCards.

Christmas Hope & Peace

Gather around with heartwarming eCard and spread some positive vibes this Christmas season.

Flirty Gifts

One of our newest Christmas eCards, this sexy and silly greeting is perfect for that special someone who might have been a bit naughty this year. Help get them in the giving spirit this holiday with this delightful surprise.

Farting Reindeer

We’ve all heard the story of how Rudolph guided Santa’s sleigh that one snowy night. But did you ever stop and wonder how reindeer learned to fly in the first place? You might be surprised to discover Santa’s little secret to help “fuel” their flight.

This Christmas, treat your loved ones to plenty of holiday laughter with our huge collection of funny Christmas eCards. Whether they’re across the country this year or joining for Christmas dinner, they’re sure to love receiving a special message from you.

Happy Holidays from Doozy Cards!

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