Doozy Cards Donates a Portion of Proceeds to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels

We love making people laugh here at Doozy Cards, but we’ve discovered that a hilarious eCard isn’t the only way to brighten someone’s day. Sometimes just lending a helping hand can make a huge difference to those in need.

We all know how important it is eat three nutritious meals a day, but there are many people who are too frail, ill or impoverished to buy or prepare even simple meals for themselves. That’s why Doozy Cards donates a portion of our proceeds to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, the largest privately funded meals program in the United States.

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers over one million healthy meals yearly to homebound seniors and other vulnerable individuals around the Los Angeles area. Many of their clients live on small, fixed incomes well below the poverty line and often aren’t well enough to feed themselves. Meals on Wheels helps ensure that those in need can receive nutritious meals and remain living independently in their own homes.

In addition to their regular delivery of meals, St. Vincent also organizes fundraising efforts such as their Cart for a Cause food truck and cookbook. And while thy receive help from hundreds of volunteers and private donations; we here at Doozy Cards know that every little bit helps. That’s why when you sign up for our premier membership a portion of the proceeds go to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.

Sign up for a premier membership and know that you’re not only bringing a smile to your friends and family members, but you’re also helping to make an important difference in the lives of those in need. And while you’re at it, tell us about a time that you helped someone in need using the comments section below.

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