Holiday Romance – a Thing of the Past?

Our brand new "Naughty Christmas Trees" eCard, intended to assist your Yuletide flirtations.

Our brand new “Naughty Christmas Trees” eCard, intended to assist your Yuletide flirtations.

Do you remember the 70’s television portrayals of the holidays? A couple sitting beside a roaring fire, a Christmas tree blinking suggestively in the background, and a bearskin rug would lie by the hearth, waiting patiently for some action. The holidays seemed like a prime time to get your groove on!

Now, mass consumerism and technology overload seem to have sucked the cheeky cheer right out of the frosty air. So here are a few helpful tips to bring the hot, hot, hot back into your holidays:

  1. Slow it down at night. The winter has some mighty long nights. Make the most out of it by tuning out the daytime shopping, wrapping, etc. and replace it with some quality time with your honey.
  2. Physical gifts are always welcome. We won’t get too explicit here but create a card offering a special one-on-one gift, redeemed on the bear rug of your choice.
  3. Create a cozy atmosphere. Atmosphere does most of the work for you. If you don’t have a fireplace to roar, then try soft, fuzzy pillows and blankets tossed about and candles burning in the background. How about some non-annoying holiday music? Set the scene and let the magic happen.

Doozy Cards has a wide range of romantic Christmas e-cards for that special someone in your life. It’s free and easy, just like love should be.

Here are all of our slightly suggestive adult Christmas ecards to get the party for two rolling.

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